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Time for a spring clean - Spick & Span can help you find the contact you need

Looking for a good cleaner in your local area. The Spick and Span directory has over 7,000 cleaners in all industries waiting to help with all your requirements

Why is it called a Spring clean? There are many different historical references to a “spring clean” dating back hundereds of years all of which have value ( from the Persians shaking down of their house to the practise of cleansing the house before the feast of Passover. However before the introduction of a vacuum cleaner and new appliances for keeping your house clean it was the first time of the year after the winter months of having some nice weather to be able to open windows and let the fresh air in and all the dust out.

Whatever the reason the phrase has continued to be used and most of us continue to use this time of year to spring clean the house and freshen it up.

So why not take the hard work out of it and get the professionals in to help you. You may have seen the new series of the Apprentice where the first task was to run a cleaning company and it has proved that it is hard work and does take time but there are many cleaning companies out there who love taking on the opportunity and the jobs that you don’t like.

So how do you choose a good cleaner? How do you know which ones are good?

Well, why not take other peoples advice and feedback? The Spick & Span directory has over 7,000 companies listed on their site and along with information on each company you can also see views from prospective customers who have visited and used the site.

Enter your postcode and the type of cleaner you are looking for and the directory will do the searching for you. It will give you a list of companies that are closest to your location and allows you to compare your top results. You can contact them through the directory for a quote for all your cleaning requirements whether that is from window cleaners to carpet cleaners the directory has it all.

For all your domestic cleaning needs and to compare a list of local cleaning companies use the today to spring clean the house.

6 out of 10 housewives would hire a cleaner

A recent study has shown that 6 out of 10 women would hire a cleaner if they could afford it. National Statistics show that women spend twice as much time as men doing the household chores and a recent survey revealed that women spend nearly 6 years of their life cleaning.

The average woman will spend 16.45 hours per week looking after their home and ensuring that it is clean and tidy. Cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes is considered the most time consuming task, calculated as taking 140 minutes each week to do, followed by washing and ironing tasks.

Over half of those surveyed revealed that excessive cleaning makes them angry. There are now over 12.5 million working woman in the UK who not only hold down a full time job but also take care of the house and clean and tidy every week. So is it any wonder that most of them are stressed and frustrated and having to carry out all the menial tasks at the end of a long working day.

The cost of hiring a cleaner may be considered expensive but how many out of the 6/10 would realise how much of their time is being taken up and turn that into a cost. Now turn that cost into time that is able to be spent with their partner or children and it suddenly becomes good value.

There are loads of companies in the UK who specialise in cleaning and who have the necessary equipment and tools to take on all those stubborn marks and stains and leave our woman free to enjoy their down time and relax.

Over 7,000 companies now listed on Spick & Span

Spick and Span, one of the leading online directories for cleaning companies has recently passed the 7,000 mark of companies registered on their list.

This unique online directory of cleaning companies covers the whole of the UK and companies are divided down into all different types of cleaning requirements from carpet cleaning and protection to window cleaning and leather cleaning.

Along with all the domestic cleaners listed who can help with carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning there are also a number of specialist cleaning companies who can be found including trauma cleaning companies, chewing gum removal and fire restoration cleaning companies.

These specialist companies have all the equipment and products that are required to ensure a quality service for all requirements and you can find a reputable company in your area.

All you have to do is choose the type of company you are looking for and enter your postcode. The directory will then list the nearest companies to you that match your requirements along with giving you a choice of others in nearby locations for you to compare details on.

If you are looking for any type of cleaner then look no further than the Spick and Span directory for all your needs.